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Everyone wants a space where they are excited to come home to every day. When it comes to decorating your interior it can be one of the best, most visual ways to express yourself. Here are a few tips for creating a space for you that will have guests admiring your taste and wishing they lived there.

Interesting Lighting
When designing an interior lighting should be one of the first things on your to do list. Without adequate lighting, no one will be able to notice the details of the space you’re creating. Lighting can be used to bring attention to a certain aspect of a room and draw the visual focus to it. Whether it’s a piece of art or an unusual design you’ll have to have the correct lighting to get your guests to notice. Pendant lighting is a great choice for anyone with a modern home interior.

Open Floor Plan
Open floor plans help everything fall into place. The flow of traffic will be smooth during get togethers, allowing family and friends to communicate with ease. It also shares light amongst all the rooms and can increase property value. Plus, open floor plans make the home appear to be more spacious than it actually is.

Add Large Plants
Even if you don’t possess a green thumb, adding a few low maintenance plants is a great, affordable way to transform a home. They definitely make an interior stand out and bring life to your living space. Arrange a few in your entryway, living room, or hallway and you may be surprised to find they help to alleviate stress and promote feel good vibes as you go about your day.

Add some Shine
Beauty is in the details. Try adding some bronze, gold, or crystal accent pieces to your interior. Even things such as stainless steel add shine to a kitchen. When shopping for furniture consider including at least one piece that stands out. Guests can be inspired by a well thought out space, and you’ll feel good knowing that these small, sculpted details have done the trick.

Wallpaper has become a trend that is not going anywhere. Look for interesting patterns or colors that balance the floors and ceilings of your home. Attractive designs can be basic or detailed with themes such as nature, the abstract, or lines that create movement.