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The real estate market is almost like a game. There are a countless number of homes on the market every day. And, whoever sells the quickest wins the game.

But, what makes one home sell faster than another, especially if they have the same basic features and asking price? It’s all about aesthetics and how the homes are presented to potential buyers.

Here are four interior design tips that will make a home sell faster.

#1 Neutral Colored Walls

It’s basic, but it’s vital to make a home appealing. Neutral colors allow a buyer to imagine their own style and taste, instead of seeing someone else’s.

#2 Clear the Clutter

It’s all about creating a clean, open space where buyers can envision how they would live in it. Clearing clutter also makes the home look larger. Here are some areas to look at.

  • Foyer: The entryway is the first thing that they’ll see when they enter the home. While coat racks and shoe trees are convenient, they should be stored in closets when a home is being viewed.
  • Countertops: Clean and cleared of nearly everything is the best way to go. It will make the kitchen look more inviting and the workspace will look much larger.
  • Laundry room: Ironing boards, drying racks, and dirty laundry are a part of everyone’s daily life. But, it’s not something that sellers want to advertise. The laundry room should be as clean and clutter-free as the rest of the home.
  • Personal items: Family photos, knick-knacks, and other collectibles should be stowed away before homes are viewed.
  • Toys: They should be neatly organized and stored. Toys strewn about will add clutter and make a room look much smaller.

#3 Add Pops of Color

Fresh flowers strategically placed throughout the home will add a little color as well as a nice fragrance.

#4 Appeal to Their Senses

The goal is to make the home more inviting and livable for potential buyers.

  • The more visually appealing a home is, the faster it will sell.
  • Aromatherapy is a nice way to make the house feel more comfortable. The aroma of freshly baked cookies, coffee, or other comfort food will make a home seem more inviting, and adding aromas will help mask the smell of any cleaning products.
  • If there is any construction or other loud activity nearby, showing the home during quieter times will help.
  • Clean, spotless, and dust-free is a must.